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These are some of the most wanted songs as voted on by the Phlote community.

About Us

Phlote is a music label built to help musicians maximize the visibility and value of their work.

Merit Based Process

Our process for selecting music is merit-based and relies on a passionate co-mmunity of music lovers who cosign the music we release in exchange for NFTs.

Free Ethereum Minting

Phlote’s curation protocol is connected to Zora’s marketplace protocol, creating a pathway for any artist to mint music on the Ethereum blockchain without the restriction of gas fees. Curation on Phlote automatically launches NFT auctions on Zora, protocol-to-protocol.

Programmatic Rewards

All minting fees are paid by Phlote in exchange for 10% of the NFT sale price. Phlote operates a custom contract that directs funds automatically to curators and artists. Phlote DAO’s share of the sales proceeds is recirculated to the DAO treasury and used to fund fees for future artists.

How it works


Artists post music that’s reviewed by token holders who cosign their favorite tracks. Artist submissions that receives 5 cosigns are pro-grammatically minted on Zora, with mint fees paid by Phlote.


Curators share music of their favorite artists. Tap into a community that really cares about music.


Proceeds from NFT sales are split 85/5/10 between Artist, Zora, and Phlote DAO

Submissions Schedule

All tracks that receive 5 cosigns are scheduled to be auctioned on Zora.

Press + Partners

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